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3 Most Popular Recalled Drugs

Each year Americans fill an estimated 4 billion prescriptions. Some people will take more than a dozen at a time. While these drugs are created to treat or improve the health of the people who take them sometimes they cause more problems than they are intended to fix.

When are Drugs Recalled

Before they are approved for the market prescription drugs are rigorously tested for safety and effectiveness through controlled trials that indicate if they are safe for the population as whole. The medications are also continually monitored for any unforeseen problems once they are in the market. When a drug is proven to cause negative effects that are dangerous to consumers a recall may be issued.

Why are drugs recalled?

Health hazard: significate health problems caused by drugs on the market can occasionally be missed until they are used by a significant amount of people.

Mislabled or improperly packaged: Sometimes a drug will be recalled if the packaging or dosage instructions are confusing or incorrect.

Contamination: If a product is contaminated with harmful or non-harmful substances during production or distribution it may be recalled

3 Most popular recalled drugs

Pain relievers: Infant Tylenol has recently been recalled for a faulty interior cap called a “flow restrictor” that was being pushed down into the bottle. This interfered with the syringe used to measure each dose and could result in children being under or overdosed.

Weight loss drugs: Weight loss drugs are very popular in the US and unfortunately some of them have been known to cause heart, liver, and blood pressure issues. In the 90’s the popular weight loss drug Phen Phen, which had been on the market for decades, was recalled for significant health problems it caused to the people who took it.

Biologics: Biologics are drugs that are manufactured using ingredients sourced from biological sources such as cells from humans, animals, or microorganisms. Most often the biologics that are recalled are vaccines. Since these drugs are often only partially understood at the time of approval with highly complex production and purification processes they may pose an unknown risk that isn’t known until after it is distributed.

The most up to date list of recalled drugs can be found at the food and drug administration’s drug recall page

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