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Protecting Your Company’s Interests

Small business owners encounter disputes on a daily basis. While many disagreements can be resolved on your own, some are best handled by taking legal action. Whether you are dealing with employees, vendors, customers or other individuals, an experienced attorney can provide invaluable assistance.

At the Dean Law Firm, we represent small businesses throughout Texas and the surrounding states in a range of business litigation matters. Our firm will represent your company at any stage of a case — at the beginning of a dispute, at trial or on appeal. We have the knowledge, experience and skill to protect your business and help you pursue a favorable resolution.

A Seasoned Trial Lawyer

Our firm strives to provide quality business litigation representation to small companies in cases involving:

  • Breach of contract
  • Oil and gas rights
  • Fraud
  • Insurance claims wrongfully denied by insurance companies

Our past clients include a range of small business owners, such as auto repair shop owners, oil and gas production companies, homebuilders and doctors. Regardless of your specific business litigation issue or industry, we can help. We will draw on our thorough research, insightful preparation and persuasive skills to protect your company. Call our office in Houston at 281-280-8900 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Solid Solutions for Your Business Dispute in the League City Area

For more information about our firm’s business litigation practice, please contact us online to arrange a complimentary consultation. We schedule evening, weekend and off-site appointments to meet your needs. Foreign language services are available upon request. Since providing quality legal services at reasonable prices is important to us, we typically charge less than the standard rates for our area.

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