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The sheer size of 18-wheelers often carrying heavy and flammable materials can pose a risk for everyone on the road. To cut down on the number of truck accidents, drivers and truck companies are held accountable to follow state and federal regulations. Unfortunately, truck drivers are known to cut corners in order to meet stiff quotas set by truck companies.

For more than 15 years, personal injury attorney Christopher Dean has proven fault in 18-wheeler accidents, even when liability was initially unclear. Mr. Dean has a firm understanding of the regulations truck companies and drivers overlook in order to meet deadlines and decrease operational expenses. Contact our law firm today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a skilled Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer. We know the right steps to take in determining the cause of catastrophic and fatal truck wrecks.

Determining the Cause of 18-Wheeler Accidents Nationwide

Initially, the cause of 18-wheeler accidents is often unclear. Many factors including faulty parts, driver fatigue or improper loading techniques can ultimately cause commercial trucking accidents. At the Dean Law Firm, we make no assumptions. Attorney Christopher Dean and our legal team act quickly conducting investigations to determine if more than one party can be held liable before valuable evidence begins to disappear.

We consult accident scene reconstructionists to evaluative property damage, skid marks and other evidence from the accident scene. Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer Christopher Dean moves quickly to gain any records from the truck company, including log sheets, dispatch records, fuel tickets and maintenance records. We seek to evaluate every detail possible to uncover liability such as:

  • Truck company negligence  such as failing to properly train new truck drivers, neglecting industry regulations, overlooking standard maintenance requirements and pressuring truck drivers to meet unrealistic deadlines
  • Truck driver negligence  such as driver fatigue, drunk driving, reckless driving or speeding to make unrealistic quotas set by the truck company

Part of our background also includes determining if shipping companies can be held accountable for failing to properly load 18-wheelers. We evaluate every angle possible to determine the cause of catastrophic and fatal 18-wheeler accidents.

Preparing 18-Wheeler Accident Claims for a Favorable Trial Verdict

Texas personal injury attorney Christopher Dean did not go to law school to be a settlement lawyer. His top priority is to help accident victims obtain maximum compensation for the damages they have endured. He prepares all of his claims focused on addressing potential questions a jury would pose. His ability to prepare his personal injury claims for a favorable verdict helps him obtain maximum settlements, since at-fault parties often try and avoid going head to head against him at trial.

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For experienced representation, contact us online or call our office in Houston at 844-HIT-BACK to schedule a complimentary consultation with a skilled Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer. We offer evening, weekend and off-site meetings upon request. Foreign language services are available. We handle trucking accident claims on a contingency fee basis. You will not have to pay us unless we obtain compensation for you. We take pride in offering quality services, and we are typically able to offer our services at a competitive rate for our area.

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