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Defective/Dangerous Household Products

Although most people feel completely safe in their homes and your home should be a safe haven for you, sometimes household products can cause serious injury or even death.

When we think of a defective product, often times the things that come to mind are things like a faulty airbag or a car seat recall. While these can be very dangerous in their own ways we may be ignoring other dangers that are in our homes every day.

Most common products

Toys: One of the most common defective or dangerous household products involve children’s toys. Hundreds of thousands of children have been seen in emergency rooms in the last decade and every year thousands are admitted to the hospital for related injuries. Parents expect that toy manufacturers will have the safety of children in mind when creating their products however that is not always the case. Some of the hazards associated with toy injuries include

  • Toys containing lead based paint: These toys may be imported from overseas since lead based paint should not be used in the US.
  • Toys that contain small pieces: Small pieces can pose a choking hazard and must be labeled appropriately
  • Toys that contain long strings or rope: these pose a strangulation hazard

Appliances: Defective electrical appliances such as hotplates, microwaves, toasters, lamps, heaters etc. may pose hazards such as electrical shocks, burns, fires etc.

Personal Grooming items: Items such as hairdryers, irons, or electric shavers can cause cuts, bruises, electric shock

Furniture: Defective furniture products such as cribs and dressers have caused injury and even death to young children.

Manufacturer responsibilities: Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure that their products are safe for the consumers. A manufacturing defect is a product that was not made to design specifications and/or uses faulty/subpar materials causing the product to behave or operate in such a way that causes it to malfunction/cause injury etc.

This means that if you have suffered from a defective product that has caused harmed to you or a loved one you may have a case. Dean Law firm specializes in personal injury from defective products. If you are in Houston, League City, Friendswood, Texas City, Galveston or the surrounding areas Contact us today for a consultation with our expert attorneys

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