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Workers in refineries and chemical plants in Texas and the nearby states face serious hazards. All too often, employees or contractors in these industries suffer devastating injuries or even death in workplace accidents. Unfortunately, many of these injuries are preventable. Refinery explosions and other incidents are often caused by the negligence of the employers, other workers and third parties.

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Experienced League City Attorney Seeking Damages for Horrific Chemical Burns

At the Dean Law Firm, we have extensive experience in obtaining very favorable settlements and jury verdicts against refinery and chemical companies on their behalf.

This proven track record includes:

  • Attorney James Christopher Dean was a lead lawyer for victims of the BP Texas City explosion and fire of March 23, 2005. In fact, the judge in that case appointed attorney James Christopher Dean as Liaison Counsel for that huge case, which means he served the judge as the intermediary between the court and the dozens of lawyers representing other victims of that refinery explosion.
  • Attorney James Christopher Dean has obtained numerous settlements and jury verdicts, some of those for punitive damages, for victims of refinery explosions, fires, and other accidents in these and chemical plants.
  • Attorney James Christopher Dean is known for his ability to prove that oil company budget cuts and profit motives often lead to terrible safety cultures, which inevitably cause personal injury and death at refineries and chemical plants.

Types of Refinery and Chemical Plant Injuries

Any industrial workplace often is inherently dangerous. These risks are significantly increased when recommended safety precautions are ignored. We represent clients affected by any type of refinery or plant injury, including:

  • Burns
  • Inhalation injuries
  • Chemical exposure
  • Refinery explosions
  • Amputations
  • Electrocution

If you were hurt or someone you love suffered a wrongful death in a refinery or plant accident, we will help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Enforce Your Rights Throughout Houston With the Help of Our Chemical Plant Accident Law Firm

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